Astral Imaging at Dogwood Ridge Observatory

Latitude: 3748'51.0" N"
Scottsville, Virginia 24590


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SH2-73 RGB

Image Information

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Sh2-73 H II Region
Observational data ( epoch J2000 )
Constellation Hercules
Right ascension 16 h  10 m  14 s [1]
Declination +21 ° 52 '08 " [1]
Galactic coordinates l = 37.6; b = +44.8 [1]
Distance 359 [2] to (652 [2] PC )
Apparent magnitude  (V) -
Apparent size  (V) 75 'x 75'
Physical Characteristics
Type H II region
Class 3 1 2 [3]
Dimensions 14.3 in (4.4 pc )
Other designations
LBN 105, [1] MBM 40
Category of H II regions

Sh2 -73 is an emission nebula visible in the constellation of Hercules .

It is observed in the southwestern part of the constellation, on the border with the Head of the Snake and the Northern Crown ; looks like a faint filament barely perceptible in astronomical photos sensitive and completely invisible to the simple observation amateur. The best time for his observation in the evening sky from March to September and is visible from both hemispheres, although it is north of the ' celestial equator .

Sh2-73 is one of the clouds closer to the solar system , being just 200  parsecs (650 light years ); is located at a latitude galactic very high and does not appear associated with any star light, nor in it are active phenomena of star formation . [2] The cloud may be associated with MBM 40, a weak filament of gas not illuminated which contains 20 - 40  M ⊙ and located about 120 parsecs from the Sun . [4]






SH2-73 RGB

1600         2000




This image consists of 13 Red, 13 Green, and 11 Blue images all taken at -20C at bin 1x1 for 15 minutes each. All data used totals just over 9.25 hours. All data was acquired using MaxImDl/CCD version 5.24 using ACP7.1.  Pix Insight version 1.8 was used for processing. Dithered guiding was on.

Equipment and Location Information

Date April 22-24, 2014
Location Dogwood Ridge Observatory
Optics Tak FSQ-106 @f/5
Mount Astro Physics AP1200GTO
Camera SBIG STL-11000M/FW10/
Filters Baader LRGB Ha 7nm,SII 8nm, OIII 8.5nm - 50.8mm Unmounted Filters
Conditions Temperature low to mid 20s with moderate to good  seeing. Transparency good to moderate.

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