Astral Imaging at Dogwood Ridge Observatory

Latitude: 3748'51.0" N"
Scottsville, Virginia 24590


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NGC6888 Ha

Image Information

Quoted from SEDs:

NGC 6888, commonly known as the Crescent Nebula, is a Wolf-Rayet star expelling the outer layers of its atmosphere in phases. The central star has a strong stellar wind that is pushing away its envelope, indicating a supernova progenitor. The bubble is currently about 25 lightyears across and 5000 lightyears distant.



NGC6888 Inverted 
NGC6888 Ha

1600           2000



This image consists of 17 Ha images. All images are 30 minute exposures and all taken at -20C at bin 1x1. All images used totaled 8-1/2 hours. All data was acquired using MaxImDl/CCD version 6.13 using ACP 8.1.  Pix Insight version 1.8.5 was used for processing Dithered guiding was on. 

Equipment and Location Information

Date August 11, 2017 - September 24, 2017
Location SRO
Optics Optical Guidance Systems 12.5" RC @f/9
Mount Astro Physics AP3600GTO
Camera SBIG STXL-16803
Filters Baader LRGB 50.8mm/Baader Ha,SII, OIII 50.8mm Filters
Conditions Transparency good to very good.

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