Astral Imaging at Dogwood Ridge Observatory

Latitude: 3748'51.0" N"
Scottsville, Virginia 24590


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Image Information

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Looking very much like a deadly virus, LDN 673 is located in the constellation Aquila. This dark nebula, at a distance of about 600 light years, is in a dark rift in the Milky Way that passes through the constellation. Expansive molecular clouds in the Aquila rift make the distant stars appear reddish, while the very dense LDN 673 nebula completely blocks the starlight.



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This image consists of 72 luminance images 15 minutes each all taken at -20C at bin 1x1. The RGB data consists of 27 - 15 minute red, 27 - 15 minute green, and 27 - 15 minute blue images, all at -20 and binned 1x1. All images used so far totals 88-1/4 hours. All data was acquired using MaxImDl/CCD version 6.14 using ACP 8.1.  Pix Insight version 1.8.5 was used for processing. Dithered guiding was on.

Equipment and Location Information

Date July 1, 2016 - August 19, 2017
Location Dogwood Ridge Observatory
Optics Optical Guidance Systems 12.5" RC @f/9
Mount Astro Physics AP1200GTO
Camera SBIG STL-11000M/FW10/
Filters Baader LRGB 50.8mm/Baader Ha,SII, OIII 50.8mm Filters
Conditions Transparency good to moderate.

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